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Hours of Operation


Office Hours

Monday – Thursday | 9:00am to 5:00pm – Friday | 9:00am to 4:00pm

If you call or email after hours or on the weekend, we will return all calls and emails on Monday after 9:00am


We are sorry we do not service yards on major holidaysWhen a holiday falls on a regular service day, we will not be able to service your yard that day. Service returns to the regular day the following week. Unfortunately we are unable to inform everyone personally if we are not coming out for the day. We do at times post it on our Facebook page. The previous week however, will not be credited, due to our work load being doubled when we return.

Weather Conditions

We will work in most weather conditions with the exception of heavy rain, snow, or a declared State of Emergency.  If there is more than an inch of snow/rain, we will postpone that day’s service until the next business day. Under extreme weather conditions, we will follow up with you the next week, however, you will not be credited for the week prior.

Scheduling Visits


Reserving A Booking & Profiles

Customers may use the online system to book their visits. We also require that you make sure pets are up to date and complete on all vaccinations. The information in the system is what we rely on for the most up to date care instructions for your pet(s).

Scheduling Visit Frequencies

It is our business policy to accommodate your schedule as best as we can. Most of our customers prefer service once a week. We also offer service schedules that include one-time-only, twice a week, and every two weeks.

If you are having a special event, let us know and we will schedule around that date or set up an extra visit.

Scheduling Visits

We require 24 hours notice to reserve a Dog Walking Visit and 48 hours for Pet Sitting Visits. Failure of notice may result in a $5 additional fee per visit, to all visits that do not meet notice requirements.

Minimum Visits

All dogs that do not have access to a bathroom area (if they are crated or kept in the house) must have 2 visits per day. This is due to the difficulty for the pet to hold their bladder for a long period of time. All cats must have 1 visit daily to ensure their health and safety.

Cancellation / Changes of
Your Dates


Dog Walking Visits

We require 24 hours notice for a cancellation. Please notify us through our online system or by phone. If 24 hours is not given, then we will charge for the original visit. Holiday rates do apply.  Scheduling changes or weekly scheduling/updates must be done by email.

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Visits

We require 48 hours notice prior to the 1st date of service. Please notify us through our online system or by phone. If 48 hours is not given, then 50% of the booking will be charged. In the event of an early return to your home, please notify us within 48 hours of visit being cancelled by phone to avoid being charged for visits. Holiday rates do apply.  Scheduling changes or weekly scheduling/updates must be done by email.

Changes Of Your Dates

In the event of early return home, client must notify Carolina Pooper Scoopers within 48 hours of visit being changed. We do not pro-rate or give refunds for any unused days for early returns or late leaving. We block off those dates so we do not get over booked, can guarantee service and make sure that your pets get the attention they deserve. You will still be responsible for payment for dates that you reserved.

Holiday Cancellations

1 week prior to 1st date of service must be given or 50% of booking will be charged.



New Customers

New Customers are required to pay at the date of the Meet & Greet or prior to the first visit.

Pet Sitting Payments

Payment is due the day before the 1st date of service for existing clients.

Dog Walking Visits

The amount is charged at the beginning of each week but can also be paid monthly.


We will email you an invoice on the 20th of each month. Payments are due before the 1st of every month.


We prefer you to pay by check, however, our service workers will accept cash and issue you a receipt.

Late Fees

There is a $10 late fee for payments made after the 1st. Accounts not paid by the 5th of the month will not be serviced until the payment is made.

Holiday Rates

An additional $5 fee will be charged for every visit the day before, the day of, and the day after holidays.

Please Note: We do not issue any refunds any unused payments made in advance for service.

Access to your Property and Pets


Dogs in the Yard

We can work with your dog in the yard while we perform waste removal or any other cleaning services. However, if your dog is not good with strangers, we ask that you restrain or confine the dog for the protection of your pet and our employees. If your dog prevents us from completing our job, then your service charge will still be applied.

Customers Responsibility

I understand that I am and will remain responsible for the actions my dog (s)/cat (s) at all times and I hereby agree to hold harmless CPS of any and all claims of injury, expense, costs or damages caused by the actions of my dog (s)/cat (s) while under CPS care or servicing your yard.

In the unlikely event that your pet bites/scratches one of our staff, medical attention will be sought immediately.  The pet owner will be responsible for all incurred expenses including, but not limited to, doctor visit, prescriptions, follow up care, and replacement of damaged clothing.  Failure to comply will result in CPS pursuing legal action.  If legal action is initiated, the pet owner will be responsible for all legal fees, attorney fees, and court costs.

Gates / Locks

Please have your gate unlocked on the day of service. You may also provide us access with a key or a combination.


Two copies of any key are required. If the client doesn’t provide two keys, then we will make a copy and a $5 dollar fee will be charged.

Please Note: If your gate/door is locked, then your service charge will be still be applied.

Caring For Your Pets

Please be aware that if you have any other parties caring for your pet(s), Carolina Pooper Scoopers is contracted and not responsible/liable for their actions or care. We are only responsible for the care our employees give. Thank you!

If there is ever any time when our service is not completely satisfactory, please let us know right away so that we can better serve you.

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