Just letting everyone know how much I appreciate everything they do with my babies! I have a peace of mind now that I didn’t have before. Everyone wonders how people really are when your not there to see. Well I can vouch that the whole crew is the same as how you meet them. The interaction they have when you first meet them is exactly how they are when they come to walk the dogs when you’re gone. I have been sick at home and have heard how they interact with my dogs. The owner has shown me some pointers on how to train them and it really works. By the time he left it was the first time I wasn’t harassed on the couch when I sat down. Been so enjoyable ever since. As you can see I can’t say enough good things about the staff at Carolina Pooper Scoopers!!

Lena Asbill 

First service today, I was highly impressed! They clean up and dispose of pet waste from your yard, and deodorize/disinfect affected areas. Got them set up on weekly service. Tell Jim Rose that I sent you!

Shawn Baker
Business Professional

Jim was wonderful, got frequent updates on my kids. Took pictures to show he was still alive. As a bonus he’s very knowledgeable about plants as well. I can highly recommend his business as a pet sitter, pooper scooper, dog lover & plant consultant.

Beth Fox
Vet Tech | NCSU

Jim is great! He goes above and beyond and my dogs love him!

Jennifer Murphy
Professional Groomer

Jim and the crew at Carolina Pooper Scoopers are amazing!! I feel at ease knowing my furbabies are in good hands with him. I get regular updates and pics, and Jim is also really good at keeping an eye on the house and any “goings-on” in the neighborhood. Even my neighbors say he’s an absolute pleasure when he comes around. He takes pride in what he does and has a kindred spirit when it comes to taking care of animals. He doesn’t just walk my dogs, he actually invest time in his visits and ensures they are well taken care of; he treats them as if they were his own. Thanks for being so awesome Jim, I know the pups cant wait to see you again next time!!

Ashley Jenise Aaron
Business Professional

Jim is so easy to work with. I have used his services as a pet sitter twice now. He is professional and truly cares about your fur babies. I highly recommend him.

Deborah R
Business Professional

Had our first visit from CPS and we are thrilled! Jim did a great job. Our yard is clean, and deodorized…
thank you!!

Maria Weber

They are absolutely fantastic! I love the deodorizer & disinfectant spray… Will get that at least once a month! Best of all my yard does not stink anymore. Jim is great with all aspects of his company. You can count on him to do an exceptional job from start to finish. We are extremely happy with his services!

Lisa Canaday

My dogs LOVE Jim! When I returned home yesterday, the dogs were happy. Jim is very professional and obviously has a lifelong love of dogs. We are so relieved and happy knowing that our dogs are taken care of during the day while we are away!

Beth Kessel
Owner | Toast Café | Cary

Jim was such a pleasure to work with, and made the whole process a breeze. He even left me a thank you note letting me know how my pets did while we were gone. I can’t wait for our next trip because I know my pets will be in good hands.

Victoria M
Owner | Breathe Easy Photography

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